New Release & My Review- Irrevocable by A. S. Roberts


by A.S. Roberts

Cover Designer: MA Bussiere

Genre: Romance

Irrevocable Full Cover Medium


Amazon Links : http://amzn.eujeSnOOm 


Head of security for a prominent American family, John Edwards is the epitome of the strong, silent type. With an all-work, no-play attitude, he guards his heart as fiercely as he protects his clients. John only allows himself casual fun with easy women, punishing himself for a past he can’t redeem.
But when he meets Jasmin Carpenter, all bets are off.  Suddenly, John is falling for the flighty and flirty British girl.  Quickly marrying her under the guise of her safety, he’s determined to make this sham of a marriage stick. While Jasmin desperately yearns for the security of marriage and the lure of unconditional love, she knows she can never give John what he deserves. Now, he must convince Jasmin that they are destined to be together.
He doesn’t want more. 
He wants everything,
Despite the irrevocable damage their pasts have created
Irrevocable by A.S. Roberts


Sexy, steamy, emotional, soulful, suspenseful.

Just a few words I’d use to describe this book.

We first met John Edwards in Fated, Ms. Roberts’ debut novel. There was just something about him that I was immediately drawn to. He had a quiet strength about him and you just knew that there was something about his life that caused him to build up the walls that made him the stoic man that is head of security for the Blackmore family. I couldn’t wait to dive into this book and find out all about him.

He is assigned to protect Jasmine and the rest of her family. This was just supposed to be a job. What more could it be for a man who is convinced he is incapable of making personal connections? Facts are what he knows. They are predictable. Feelings, they are not predictable. Can Jasmine be the compass that leads him home?

This book has so many feels. From the emotions of revelations of their pasts, to the sexy times of two lost souls searching for a connection, I couldn’t put this book down. I even found myself reading late into the night only to wake early in the morning to pick up where I left off.

Ms. Roberts set the scene for the next novel in the Fated series in the epilogue. I cannot wait to get more of these sexy alpha males connected to the Blackmore family.


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