New Release &My Review- Rough and Rugged by Hayley Faiman

Title: Rough & Rugged
Series: Notorious Devils MC 
Author: Hayley Faiman
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: September 23, 2016
Cover Designed by: Cassy at Pink Ink Designs
Hattie Morris is a young girl with silly dreams and a fantasy she’s been holding onto since she was sixteen years old. 


“Dirty” Johnny Williams is a hard man who rides as a Notorious Devil, known for being filthy between the sheets, yet always wishing for the unattainable more.

One night, one kiss sets fate in motion, and neither Hattie, nor Johnny, can deny that their lives have been forever changed. Time and distance stand between them, but a chance encounter shatters their ability to resist each other any longer.

It’s not long before Hattie realizes that fantasies are named thus for a reason, while Johnny learns that the innocence of a sweet girl is no match against his hardened heart. 

Yet, inexperienced as she may be, Hattie knows one thing for sure. If she doesn’t take a chance with this rough and rugged man, she’ll never know if dreams really can come true.
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Rough and Rugged, that is the perfect title for this volume of The Notorious Devils MC series.  “Dirty” Johnny Williams is exactly that, rough and rugged.  He has not had anything soft and sweet in his life.  He most definitely earned the road name “Dirty”.  But there is another side to this rugged man, a side cloaked in fierce loyalty, a side that wants to protect and love.  A side he was convinced he was incapable of, despite the longing he felt every time he was around the children of his brothers in the Notorious Devils Motorcycle Club.

Hattie lived a decent life, she was a bit naive about the world around her, who was loyal to her and who she could trust.  But the one person who everyone else thought was going to hurt her and ruin her life was the person who was there when those she trusted turned on her.  Johnny brought out a side in her that she didn’t know existed.  A side of strength and perseverance.

Johnny and Hattie are the most unlikely couple.  Hattie is nineteen and just starting out in life.  She hasn’t experienced much and is a bit naïve.   Johnny is thirty and has experienced too much in his life.  He has seen and done things that most people will never experience.  Fate brought them together for one fateful night three years earlier, and fate has brought them back to each other now.  Will they be able to be the opposing forces for each other to bring balance to each other’s lives?  Or are their worlds just never meant to be together?

This story had me sitting on the edge of my seat.  There was suspense, hot steamy romance, action and lots of filthy talk.  Ms. Faiman turned the heat way up on this novel.  You will most definitely need a cold drink and a fan handy while reading this story.    There were times I was so engrossed in this book that time slipped away and I didn’t even realize how long I had been reading or how late I stayed up for just one more paragraph, one more scene, one more chapter.   I love that other characters from earlier volumes of the ND series showed up in this volume, it was great catching up with them once more.  Ms. Faiman has also woven into this series a story line that crosses over with her Russian Bratva series.  If you read them all in release order, you will see the seamless crossover and how this storyline only enhances both series.

Rough and Rugged is another 5-star book from Hayley Faiman.

“Action, drama, HOT as HADES sexy times scenes, … Rough & Rugged gets 4.5 stars from me, and I’m looking forward to the next one” ~MJ’s Book Blog and Reviews 




“Hayley has once again pulled me into her world and I LOVED it. Hayley draws you right in with her writing and you will find yourself staying up late just to find out what will happen next.” ~Michelle Austin (Goodreads)

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