New Release & My Review- Caught in the Flames by Kacey Shea



Title: Caught in the Flames

Author: Kacey Shea

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: August 23



Callie Gordon is more than a little obsessed…

I love firemen.

Heroic. Selfless. Brave.

Not to mention the uniform with those damn sexy pants…I can’t get enough.

Imagine my surprise when local fire captain, Chase Matthews, wanders into my yard on moving day. I’ve hit real estate gold. Hot as sin with that all-knowing smirk creates an instant spark. Welcome to the neighborhood never looked so good.

But dating a firefighter isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Chase keeps me at distance even when I attempt to break down his walls. A friendship with the nosy eccentric woman down the street reveals there’s more to Chase than he’s willing to share. I’m playing with fire and bound to get burned.

Secrets unfold.

Truths are brought to light.

Can I handle the heat? Or will my love for this man prove that sometimes even good girls have to burn down the house?

My Review

This book has it all! HOT firemen, amazing best friends, a wise neighbor who has experienced it all, an ex-boyfriend exorcism gone wrong and a Prius.
I fell in love with this story from the beginning. Callie is one of those characters that you just feel an immediate connection to. She is real, she has lived through some pretty devastating life events and managed to not become some whiny damsel in distress who is looking for a man to save her or that girl who swears off men forever. With the help of some pretty amazing friends, she takes the time she needs to actually discover who she is and who she wants to be.
This book was such a fun read. It was sexy, funny, angering, and at times heart breaking. I can honestly say I experienced such a wide range of emotions while reading this book. There were twists that I didn’t see coming. There were some times where I felt the relationship between Callie and Chase seemed a bit off, but as I read, I found that it was all a part of Callie’s journey, and I trusted Ms. Shea to make it worth the trip. She did not disappoint at all.
There were characters I loved like Kiki and Ash, some I wasn’t too sure about like Alicia and Cam and a few I loved to hate like Tiffany and another I won’t mention due to spoilers. In the afterward to the book Kacey mentioned that some of the other characters may be getting their own books. I look forward to reading more of their stories and hope we get updates on Callie and her happily ever after with the tatted fireman of her dreams.

Fires are dangerous

Sometimes good girls

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About the Author


Kacey Shea is a mom of three, wife, and indie author who resides in sunny Arizona. She enjoys reading and writing romance novels as much as her son loves unicorns, which is a lot.

When she’s not writing you will find her playing taxi cab to her children while belting out her favorite tunes, meeting friends or family for food and to share some laughs, or sweating it out in the gym. Kacey finds that picking up heavy weights repeatedly is good for her mental health as much as it is for the physical.

She has an unhealthy obsession with firefighters. It could be the pants. It could be the fire. It’s just hot. On occasion she has been known to include them, without their knowledge, in her selfies outside the grocery store.

Kacey one day aspires to be a woman hand model in a sexy photo shoot. You know, the woman’s hand raking across the muscular back or six pack stomach of the male fitness model. Yep, that hand.

Until that day comes she will continue writing sexy, flirty romance novels in hopes to bring others joy!

Kacey enjoys interacting with her fans so please feel free to stalk her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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