New Release & My Review- The Kiss That Saved Me by Kristy Nicolle



Four months have passed since the night Callie Pierce fulfilled her destiny as the Vessel and her world is shifting faster than ever before. The Occulta Mirum is in disarray, still reeling from the demise of its longest reigning monarch and its people have a decision to make, on which more lies balanced than they know. As Callie and Orion rise together to new responsibility, dealing with the consequences of what has passed, Callie finds herself changed and looking into the shadow of the deep for answers. The life she’s been thrown into isn’t what she expected, and as the responsibility of her new found position among the mer mounts, the cracks in the fantasy world she so loves are starting to show. Can then, the dark mystique of the Psiren’s world be what Callie was destined for all along?

Get ready to ride into the world of the Occulta Mirum at greater depth than ever before. As Callie learns the truth of the ancient agenda of three brothers, and comes face to face with the temptation and allure of what will seemingly save everyone she loves.




The Kiss That Saved me is book 2 in the Tidal Kiss Trilogy. It picks up right where The Kiss that Killed me left off. In this installment we get to see Callie and Orion grow more as they accept their fate and try to deal with the consequences of other’s actions.
I completely fell for Orion in book one and let me tell you, he is even better in this book. He is strong and protective, yet has a vulnerable side that you wouldn’t expect from a mer who has lived over 500 years. Callie is as strong and sassy as ever and we get to see a new maturity in her. She sees more and is beginning to get a clearer vision of what mer life is all about, the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly. Vex and Azure added a bit of drama to what should have been calm waters for Callie and Orion, and in doing so added a new depth and dimension to the story.
Miss. Nicole paints a stunning picture of this underwater, and sometimes on land, world of the mer folk. It is so easy to actually “see” the images she is painting with her words. I was so engrossed in the story that there were times I wanted to dive into the ocean and find this underwater world and meet its inhabitants. Oh! that dream mansion that Orion built for Callie, I wanted to pack my bags and move right in. I mean, who wouldn’t!
The Kiss That Saved Me is one of those books that once you pick it up, you won’t be able to put it down. It is filled with action, adventure, romance, good and evil; all the essential elements of a great romance. I definitely lost some sleep reading “just one more chapter.” I will be on pins and needles waiting for book three in the trilogy.
I definitely recommend reading The Kiss That Killed Me before diving into The Kiss that Saved Me, as it is a continuation of a story that was well developed in the first book and may cause some confusion without the back story.

Another 5 star book from Kristy Nicolle.





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