Release Blitz & My Review- Rough & Rowdy by Hayley Faiman

Title: Rough & Rowdy
Series: Notorious Devils MC #1
Author: Hayley Faiman
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: March 24, 2016
Kentlee Johnson has always been a sweet girl with good intentions and simple dreams. 

Pierce “Fury” Duhart is an outlaw by nature, born and bred to ride with the Notorious Devils. 

When a chance encounter brings them face to face, Kentlee knows that getting involved with the president of the town’s notorious MC is not a wise choice. 

But Fury knows what he wants, and Kentlee is the little bit of sugar he craves on the side. 

Daring to be bold for just one night, Kentlee surrenders to Fury’s advances—but one taste of the rough and rowdy man is all it takes to turn her world upside down. 

*** Recommended for 18+ due to Sexual Content, Adult Language, and Violence


Kentlee Johnson was taught by her parents that a girl needed to grow up and to find a good man who will take care of her, to be a doctor or lawyer’s wife.  But that’s just not her personality!  She is strong, independent and a take no crap kind of girl.  She is determined to make it on her own and not need to depend on anyone.  She was doing a great job of that until one-day Fury walked up to her with his cocky attitude and sweet talking lines.  Will she allow herself to be “lured into the lion’s den?”

Pierce “Fury” Duhart is the president of the Notorious Devils MC.  He has lived a life that is the complete opposite of Kentlee’s.  He is rough, gruff, and dirty talking, but somewhere deep inside he has a softer side, his “own kind of sweet”.  He is a protector; he will do what he has to do protect those he is loyal to.  Will he be able to show that softer side to Kentlee, to prove to her that he can be the one to take care of her?

Rough and Rowdy was the first MC romance I’ve read.  Let me tell you if they all are like R&R, I think I’ve found a new genre to add to my favorites.  I’m usually a “hearts and flowers” kind of reader, but I loved the gruff exterior, and underlying sweetness of the characters in this book.  There was action that kept me on the edge of my seat, passion that had me reaching for a glass of ice water and a story line that left me wanting more.  There were so many feels in this book.  I became frustrated along with Kentlee at the way Fury handled some situations, but resolved that he thought he was doing what was best.  Silly man!  I laughed, cried, became angry and also found myself smiling right along with Kentlee and Fury.

The characters in this story have so many levels and layers.  I love that Kentlee was faced with some tough situations and she did not break.  She did everything she needed to do to survive, it showed an extra depth to her character.  She didn’t just bow down to Fury when he made a HUUGE mistake, but she also didn’t just write him off either.  Fury had some making up to do, and he allowed his protective and sweet side to shine through when it would have been just as easy for him to walk away.  The supporting characters of Brentlee, Kentlee’s sister, and Bates “Sniper” Lukin are just screaming for their stories to be told.  We get a little taste of them in R&R.  Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for book 2 in the Notorious Devol’s MC series to come out to find out more about them.

I gave this story 5 Rowdy stars!

“5 fury stars!!!  This has got to be one of my all time favorite MC books!”  ~Melissa from Alpha Book Club

“Fabulous sexy love story.  This book is full of hot sex scenes and dirty talking bikers.”  ~Jessi from Hashtag Minxes Love Books

“Holy wow… what a great story.  There isn’t a lot of drama and suspense in this one but it’s a tale as old as time… beauty meets the beast and I love it.”  ~Amy from Ramblings Beneath the Sheets

32 years young… born and raised in California, did a stint in 
Oregon only to return to the Golden State. Lived that life a while until the Lone Star State called to us, Hill Country, Texas is where we call home, where our boots rest and loving that country life. Living the life with one bearded power pole climbing husband, two little boys that are full of energy and drive us crazy plus a chocolate lab named Optimus Prime.




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